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One of the many faction mission quests for the UC Vanguard in Starfield, is Eyewitness. Where we once again speak with Hadrian. Be ready for more Terrormorph action!

As an eyewitness to an impossible terrormorph attack and someone who helped research it, it’s fine to take these concerns to the higher ups.


Grunt Work Faction Quest
UC Vanguard Faction
Video Footage Of Eyewitness Quest

Hadrian’s Confession IN EYEWITNESS

To begin the Eyewitness faction quest proceed and travel to the New Atlantis Mast District and find Hadrian just outside the building where you registered as a UC Vanguard. As much as you have found out a lot about her shady past, she has more to tell you. It turns out she’s a clone of an old legendary tactician created by the UC. You have plenty of questions to ask if you are curious to know more but she’s mainly just telling you now in case it is thrown in your faces during this meeting.

If you say you have nothing else to do on her last bit of dialogue, the mission will start.

Cabernet Meeting

Time to be the eyewitness. Head into the Mast building and into the elevator. Go right to the top floor. Enter the chamber and get on the podium.

There are no persuade options and slight spoiler but whether you push for agreement or against it, it won’t affect the outcome. They don’t have enough information and they cannot be convinced. However, just as they are about to refuse your request a system lockdown will occur.

A solider in the room will report that there has been an incident. Terrormorph attack on the spaceport. Oh no, look who was right. The politicians are pretty level-headed about it and quickly send you and Hadrian down to help fight off the threat.

Time to be an eyewitness to a whole new event.

Political cabinet of Eyewitness Starfield quest

Citizen Attack

In order to continue with the Eyewitness Starfield quest you will need to get your butt back into the elevator and head down. The game will only let you get to the floor you need.

You will find a strange scene. Head forward and pick up the weapon on the ground and use it to incapacitate the attackers which seem to be normal people. After talking to the guard and finding out what happened. Hadrian explains that Terrormorphs can induce fear that can make some people go berserk, you’ll need to keep the EM weapon on you and be careful who you shoot.

After the conversation head into the train to the spaceport.

EYEWITNESS Terrormorph Attack

Once there, head through the barrier and you’ll find the terrormorph causing chaos. Have the EM gun out to avoid friendly fire and also to stop any soldier who gets turned. It will also be able to stun the Terrormorph so you can swap to a more damaging gun once you have it down.

Once you have the first down a solider will invite you to take what you need from the supplies and ask you to continue and take down others. Loot what supplies you want.

If you would like some additional help in the coming fight, make sure you speak to the fire team before moving on.

Continuing on with the Eyewitness faction quest you’ll notice that there is more than one marker from here as there are in fact two to deal with. It’s best to try to keep them separate. Keep to one side of the port while fighting to avoid encountering both at the same time.


Once they are dead, head back to where you killed the first terrormorph and speak to the sergeant. With a congrats from him you’ll need to head back to the Mast building so you can report to the cabernet. Re-trace your steps back all the way to the lift and head up.

You are rewarded by a satisfying scene of politicians eating their words. Hadrian will be rewarded by being reinstated and you will be rewarded with having to convince the other two parties that you need access to the archives. Luckily, they realise how big a job that is and offer to fast track your citizenship in return.

Eyewitness quest will be complete and you’ll need to head over to the Deputy the president mentioned to start the next quest in the chain, Friends like These.

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