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In the previous Starfield chapter quest we were tasked with exploring Cydonia in order to find another artifact and speak with Moara. We now move onto the Into the Unknown quest.

Whilst Into the Unknown quest may place us into several different branches, with the other two being Back to Vectera and The Empty Nest. With this particular one we get to explore a brand new star station known as the Eye. Which is owned by the Constellation. As well as our first experience in following the scanner distortion.


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Our first task for the Into the Unknown mission is to find and speak with Vladimir. Who is at the Eye star station, just next to the planet Jemison. Set your destination and travel to it. We can then proceed and board the vessel.

Meeting Vladimir the main client within The Unknown quest

Once inside proceed and speak with Vladimir. He will mention that he was once part of the Crimson Fleet and that he has two possible locations where we can find more artifacts. However, he originally tasked another member of the Constellation team to also scout out the prized reward but they have since gone silent, perhaps missing.

We will now have several objectives to be working on.


Return back to the Frontier and leave for Bessel, here we will likely get interrupted by another vessel, piloted by UC Narcissus. This is not actually part of the main story quest. In fact it is an optional quest known as Groundpounder. So it is up to you if you want to answer their call or ignore them.

Here we will have another set of options to choose from that relate to our next destination. We can either travel to Piazzi IV-C or Tau Ceti. Both are necessary for the quest. For now though, we will focus on Tau Ceit, so we can begin our search for the missing Andreja.

If you choose to head for Piazzi you will likely get another distress call which is, again, not related to our quest. This one is for a new activity known as Failure to Communicate.


When you arrive on Tau Ceti II you will then want to enter the Deep Cave. There will be a gas vent nearby, next to the entrance, so be careful. Head inside to find our missing Andreja.

Explore these caves now in order to find the next artifact. Hopefully you have brought the Cutter with you for this trip. We are going to need something to mine through these rocks. Anyway as you continue to explore the dark and damp environment we will come across more pirates. Eliminate them.

The Unknown mission story unlocks our next artifact


Once you have the artefact proceed back to the Frontier and head for Piazzi IV-C. Here we will find the Abandoned Cryo Lab. Be careful of the hazardous water and the nearby Spacer threat. We will also be without Andreja who will be waiting for us back at the Lodge in New Atlantis.


The Abandoned Cryo Lab is one of the key places within The Unknown mission and it is literally swarmed with enemy spacers. However, for the most part, the place is also rather linear too. Once you get inside the lab proceed on down to the lower levels. There will be a computer here too that you can inspect. One of which will contain files on Dr. Lars Gayatri, Ryujin Liaison, Charlie Jorgenson and Marie Bakaba.

From the computer terminal continue on and follow the walkway down, eliminating yet more of the enemy threat in the process. Here there will be two doors that require the Cryogen Research Lab Key. It is likely that you do not have it but thankfully we do not really need it.

So head on back up the railing and enter through the door on the opposite end. More enemies will be waiting above. Deal with them and proceed through the open doorway and into the vents. More walkways and enemies.

Proceed down the walkway to find an Emergency Cuttable Wall, no we cannot cut through it. Follow the hallway and into the cave-like area. Which is very linear and it is also where we can find our next artifact.

Use the Cutter to claim the artifact and we can the leave.


Return back to the Lodge in New Atlantis and add the collected pieces to the collection. A scene will follow and we will meet up with Matteo. Andreja will now become an actual companion from here on.

Vladimir will then contact us and we now need to report back to him.


Continuing with the Into the Unknown quest we now need to head to The Eye star station and Vladimir will mention that he has found a source of a much bigger artifact over in Procyon III.


Head to Procyon III and you will likely bump into a call from an Unknown Ship. Something to do with an extended warranty, lovely. If you decide to purchase this warranty it will cost you 500,000 credits. It, in itself, has no value and will be added to your inventory. There will also be no quest or activity related to it. Feels like a nuisance caller, the joke is in itself though. For Americans that are used to these kind of advertisements. So if you bump into him, feel free to reply with a few missiles instead.


In the Into the Unknown story quest we will be tasked with following the distortions using the scanner. This occurs when you are tasked with landing at the Scanner Anomaly and after speaking with Vladimir, things can get a bit tricky and confusing. This is when we are tasked with using the scanner and following distortions within the area. Easier said than done.


Well actually following these distortions is super easy. That is providing that you, first, went to the correct location. You see there is two locations and landing zones in Procyon III. You have the Landing Area and the Scanner Anomaly. These distortions will not appear in the Landing Area.

Once you land at the Scanner Anomaly you will want to equip the Hand Scanner, which can be accessed through the LB button on the controller. We will now be presented with a large outer ring circle. At first this circle will be normal and round. As expected and as it usually appears. This simply means that it has not yet detected the distortion in the area.

In order to find this distortion and begin following it, we need to keep the scanner equipped. With it equipped proceed and move around. You should notice that this outer circle begins to move or shake.

How to read distortions using the scanner in the Into the Unknown Starfield mission

When you see the shaking and rumbling of the scanner and when it detects the distortion, simply begin to follow it. You will begin to hear a beeping noise the closer you get to the required destination.


After following the scanner distortion we will arrive at Temple Eta. One of the final tasks within The Unknown main story quest. We can gain access to this rather large building by running around it and finding a wall with a passage. The door will slowly unveil itself the closer you get towards it.

Once inside we will automatically be floating around in the air. Meanwhile a large metal sphere will appear in the middle of the room. Our job is to power this strange mechanism.

So as you continue to float around keep an eye out for a collection of bright particles formed together. We need to float through these. Every time you find and interact with one we give energy to the sphere. Making it faster and brighter.

Continue to do this until there is enough energy formed and a scene will trigger.


Once you are done with Temple Eta we will now need to report back to the Lodge once again. Here the Constellation team will want to see our new powers, the Anti-Gravity Field. Which can be equipped to the top section of the character screen.


Sarah has asked me to go to the Eye, a star station that Constellation owns in orbit of Jemison. I need to meet with Vladimir Sall about finding more Artifacts in the fringes of space.

Vladimir has given me locations he believes could hold Artifacts. He’s also asked me to be on the lookout for Andreja, another Constellation member, who was following up on the same leads and hasn’t reported back.

This concludes the Into the Unknown main story quest.

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