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UC Vanguard Faction Quest – The Devils you know

The Devils you know is our next UC Vanguard faction quest in Starfield. This one deals with the team that worked alongside both Hadrian and Percival. Alongside the Warlock.

You have convinced all three factions to somewhat work together and gotten all the data you need to study and combat the Terrormorph threat. You even got fast tracked to your UC citizenship and can now own property.

But someone wants to see you, someone who may have information and they also asked for you by name. Mysteriously enough, but they are also someone who you can never talk about…Who could it be? Let’s find out who the devil we know is.


War Relics Faction Quest
The Devils You Know Gameplay

DEVILS YOU KNOW Subsection Seven

To begin The Devils You Know faction quest you will need to head down to sub section seven via the elevator in the mast building. A security officer will greet you as you head in and inform you that only authorised personnel may enter. Meaning your companion has to wait outside. Leave them there and head through. Once you are through the corridor, you’ll see a man in a containment of some kind. Head down the stairs and interact with the intercom on the table to sit down and talk to the stranger.

The stranger reveals himself to be François Sanon. The man who was supposedly executed for crimes during the colony war and the man Hadrian was cloned from. It looks like the devil we know traded his life for his freedom and has been kept here in secret so he can work for the current cabinet as an adviser.

You’ll have many questions to find out more about his situation and how he ended up here during the talk but at some point, you’ll have to get down to business.

Exploring Subsection Seven in The Devils You Know UC Faction quest in Starfield

The Deal

He called you here because he has something you may need. The names and locations of the research team that worked with Hadrian and Percival. The only experts in the field you are looking at but the information comes at a price. He needs you to help deal with an old colleague that specialised in mech weapons. The colleague was a dangerous fugitive from the colony wars that has given Sanon the slip so far. He wants you to ‘deal with him’ then bring proof. After that you’ll get the help, you need.

You don’t have much choice but to accept hunting the devil you don’t know for the devil you know.

Criminal Hunting

Head over to the wolf system and fly to a space station in orbit around Chthonia. Dock on the station and head for the quest marker to talk to a Rayna Marquez, an officer Sanon mentioned to talk to start your search. Rayna is confused by what your asking at first but then remembers the strange ship called The Warlock. She recons if there is going to be a fugitive war criminal about then, that’s the best place to be hiding around here. Rayna gives you the coordinates.

The Warlock

Exit the station back to your ship and head out. Follow the coordinates you were given out to the other planet in this system, Etherea. You will find the Warlock flying between the asteroids orbiting the planet. You will not be able to negotiate, the shooting will start as soon as you are spotted. The Warlock will put up some resistance and you’ll have the in asteroid space dogfight you probably brought this game for. Have fun.

Once the Warlock is destroyed, loot it to collect the evidence you’ll need to show Sanon in order to continue with the devils you know quest

Show the Evidence

Head back to the mast building in New Atlantis and down to Section Seven. They will let you in a bit faster this time but again your companion will have to wait outside. Sit yourself down by the intercom again and talk to Sanon.

He’ll ask you to deposit your evidence into the transfer system. Drop it in the box by the door then give Sanon a moment to take a look at it before going back to the comm. He’ll be satisfied and tell you he can arrange for most of the team to make their way to the lab except for one that you’ll have to collect in the next mission.

For now this is The Devils you know quest completed and onto the next mission in this line, War Relics.

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