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UC Vanguard Faction Quest – Hostile Intelligence

Another Starfield UC Vanguard faction quest involves the Hostile Intelligence. Which requires us to travel to Toliman II, we will also encounter yet more Terrormorphs.

You have the data, you have the team, you have the badass robot and Hadrian says the next course of action is to go to Terrormorph ground Zero. Londinion. We begin our next UC Vanguard mission..


A Legacy Forged (UC Faction Quest)
Hostile Intelligence Starfield Quest Gameplay

Potential solutions

War Relics leads directly into this. Follow Hadrian away as she explains what they have figured out so far. Hadrian says that they have figured out two potential solutions to our Terrormorph problem.

However both plans need terrormorph samples to test from and the best place to get that is Londinion. The fallen city.

Before you go you can find Gaulter in the HQ to purchase some extra gear. If not, off to terrormorph land.


Set your designation to Toliman II and land at forward base 441. Head to the quest marker and don’t worry about the defence bots, they are friendly. The guard at the barrier will give you directions to command at the far end of the compound. Head in and look for a red door on your right just past the mission marker to enter the base.

Talk to Hatoum. She’ll give you a quick greeting then get down to business. She’ll upload all the information you’ll need to Kaiser but stress that if you get into trouble while in there, no one will be coming for you. Agree to the terms and be on your way.

Exploring Londinion in the Starfield Hostile Intelligence faction quest

Gear Up

Hatoum will have told you where you can find some supplies. They are almost directly outside of where you are now so no harm in at least having a look. Head through the fence in front of you as you exit and through a door past the stairs.

Pretty much everything in this room is a free-for-all so take whatever you want.

Into The City

Time to gather the hostile intelligence. Meet up with Hadrian and tell her you’re ready. Wait until Kaiser has transmitted the code then open the door and prepare for trouble. Percival will find you your first target but you’ll be in combat as soon as you open the door. Luckily not terrormorphs just yet but dominated little beasties.

After you’ve taken them out, head inside the abandoned processing plant for a supply cache. Once you’ve taken what you want head out and take a right. Keep your eyes peeled for a terrormorph on the way.


After a tough fight, jump down into the yard and to the first storage container to pick up your first sample. The next closest container is suspended on a cable. Turn to your left and head up the stairs, you’ll be in a good position to open it up and get in from the platform. The last is out and to your right. Once you have the samples, hand them to Kaiser.

The next samples you need will be in the spaceport and you’ll need to head down into the steam tunnels to get there.

The Steam Tunnels

Heading down into the steam tunnels you’ll find some leeches but they won’t bother you. Follow the tunnel through until you find a lovely glass window looking onto some Lazarus flowers and watch the show.

Or make a major discovery of the most Hostile Intelligence. Percival makes a good point that you need the samples to be able to confirm the theory so you’ll need to head out of the door and kill the terrormorph. Once you’ve killed it take the sample and give it to Kaiser to analyse.

All you can do is speculate for now and Percival keeps you on track to getting that final sample. Follow Kaiser to the spaceport. Once he stops, he’ll tell you that he cannot open the door due to a lack of power. He’ll provide power to the security office entrance where you can go to see if you can reroute some power to the door.

As a shortcut you can jump up onto some tall boxes in the room then up on the railing of the upper floor. This should bring you close to a yellow door in the corner. Head in and up the stairs. Head to the control panel and flip the switch. After you’ll need to press the big red button on the wall.

It will play you a recording and print a physical copy for you. After that you’ll need to talk to Hadrian about what you just heard. You’ll have the chance to tell her the truth or you can attempt to lie.

Head back to Kaiser and enter the Space Port

The Space Port

Continue the Hostile Intelligence UC faction quest by heading out into the space port. Percival told you the sample moved and boy will it move when you get close. As soon as you see movement in the snow, turn around and jump onto the crates for a higher vantage point. Your companions will do a pretty good job of distracting it on the ground, leaving you ready to empty your guns into it.

Once combat is over, jump down and grab the sample from the strange terrormorph. Give the sample to Kaiser and head out of Londinion. Rather than walk back the way you came though, you can fast travel back to the base.

The Aftermath

Head back to Percival and discuss what you found. Hadiran and Percival are going to take the sample back to the Red Devil HQ for study and your job will be to talk to Vae Victis.

But that will be Hostile Intelligence quest complete and onto the last quest of this line, Legacy Forged.

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