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UC Vanguard Faction Quest – War Relics

In Bethesda’s newest title Starfield you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Like in many Bethesda games There will be factions for you to join and work your way up. This next quest in the UC Vanguard questline is War Relics.

You have the data and you have most of the team you need together to find the truth behind the terrormorph attacks. Now to get your last member.


Hostile Intelligence (Faction Quest)
Video On War Relics Quest


Before you can run off to a war-torn world and begin the War Relics faction quest you need to report to your higher ups. Head to Mars and down the elevator to the Red Devil HQ. Go down the stairs and to the mission marker to find Hadrian. She will be thrilled to find out you found the research team. She asks specifically about your next stop Kaiser and leads you to something that may help.

It seems that Kaiser is a robot and Hadrian gives you his schematics to repair him if needed and a pass code to tell him. She’ll also give you a place to start looking.


Set course to Niira and land at 1-of-a-kind salvage. Head towards the building with the quest marker and find the airlock to get inside on the right of the building. Inside you’ll be able to talk to Gel and ask him about Kaiser.

According to Gel there is a bot out there they don’t know the name of who they have been calling Captain Ahab. They haven’t seen him for a while. Sadly, Gel sees a wonderful opportunity to make some cash and offers to sell the information he has on where you can find Kaiser.

You can pay 1000 credits or try persuading the price down. It’s a pretty tricky persuade, you’ll need 6 points over 3 turns. However if you fail nothing changes and you just don’t get a lower price. Your companion may also be able to help get the price down.

Pay the man and he will tell you were to find Kaiser and to keep your ears open for a beacon.


Head out into the scrapyard of old war relics. The location isn’t far enough to have to return to your ship and you can travel pretty much as the crow flies towards the quest marker. Once you get close, you’ll hear the beacon signal that Gel was talking about. Head inside the building and use your eyes on the quest marker and ears for the beacon to find Kaiser.

It would seem the robot is having trouble; a few strange worms have attached themselves to him and the beacon was calling for help. Carefully shoot off each of the worms on Kaiser’s body. There are two on his right and one on his left.

You can then talk to him and tell him the password. Kaiser accepts the password but tells you he needs a new battery that you should be able to acquire at the salvage yard.

Batteries Not Included

Head back to Gel but watch out for beasts on the way. Surprisingly, this one won’t cost you as much. Since you have the specs, you are able to use Gel’s fabricator to make a new Microcell for Kaiser. Only problem is materials. Gel offers you the deal to point you to the best harvesting spots on the condition that you sell any excess you get to him. You get what you need and they don’t have to risk a supply mission in dangerous territory. It’s a win-win. Agree and he’ll mark the points on your map.

If you don’t want to go out looking for materials you can actually just buy a microcell from Gel. Ask to see what he’s got for sale and check out his misc. category. You’ll see it for 11000 credits, its definitely the quickest way to get the War Relics quest complete.

WAR RELICS Power the Bot

Whether you bought it or made it, take the microcell back to Kaiser. Kaiser will thank you for the help but refuse to leave until his current mission is successful. He requests your help to kill the Siren. Agree to help and follow Kaiser to the Siren.

Kaiser will stop to inform you that the Siren you are after seems to be with a group of Ecliptic and advises a full-frontal assault. You can ask him to wait and check it out yourself if you would prefer the stealth option, if not, agree with the plan and shoot away.

Slay the Siren

To attack the base and minimise damage to yourself you can attack from on top of a junkpile nearby that gives you a great vantage point. The Siren you are after however will make a beeline for you pretty much as soon as you start shooting so you may have to focus on that first then clear out the rest of the base.

After combat, talk to Kaiser and he will be satisfied that his work is done and open to hearing more about his new mission.

Recruiting Kaiser in War Relics faction quest in Starfield

Take Kaiser Home

Kaiser will head back to your ship and you don’t need to wait for him to get there. You can head directly back to the Red Devil HQ on Mars. Head inside and follow Kaiser as he reunites with his old team.

Hadrian will call you over to talk about the next steps but for War Relics, that’s quest complete. The next quest in this line is called, Hostile Intelligence.

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