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Out on a Limb is an optional side quest activity in Starfield. It requires us to find and speak with Emilio, who may be able to help with the tree.

After helping out Kelton Frush in the A Tree Grows quest in New Atlantis, you will have a mission to check up on him. See if he has made any progress on a plan to deal with the problem you helped him find out about.


A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Quest
Video Footage of Out on a Limb activity quest activity


After completing the quest activity A Tree Grows in New Atlantis, talk to Kelton Frush again. You may need to continue with other quests first and come back later. After your help last time he will be much happier to see you this time. He explains that his findings have been brought forward and are getting treated seriously now.

However, there is one problem and his name is Emilio. It would seem that this Emilio has vital data that could help Kelton work out a plan to stop this tree problem from becoming a catastrophe, but is not handing it over because of a personal grudge against him. Kelton hopes that as someone not related to him, you will be able to get the data for him. Agree to help to pick up the quest Out on a Limb.

Interacting with Emilio in Starfield and Out On A Limb quest


Kelton says that Emilio is somewhere on the outskirts of the city. The quickest way to find him is to teleport to the lodge. He is actually next to the tree where you picked up the first sensor in the A Tree Grows in the New Atlantis quest. Conveniently, that’s also very close to the point you appear when you fast travel to the area.

You have the option to mention that Kelton sent you but Kelton advised not to mention his name. However even if you don’t mention it, Emilio will realise why you want the data and refuse to give it to you. After talking for a bit Emilio will realise how this can work for him and tell you he will hand over the data but you have to do something for him first. Something shady and illegal that a certain blond companion will not approve of.

Persuade Emilio

After agreeing you will have the chance to persuade Emilio to give you the data now. You’ll have 3 turns to gain 4 points. If you pass, he will promise a bigger reward if you do what he wants. You will have two choices; you can take his offer and do the job he asks or you can refuse. If you refuse, he will hand over the data because you passed the persuasion check. This is the quickest way to see Out on a Limb quest, which should now be complete.

Fiddling the Data IN OUT ON A LIMB

If you take Emilio’s deal or fail the persuasion, he’ll ask you to go into the Chief Engineer’s apartment and hack her terminal to make Emilio’s files look better so he can get a promotion.

Once your done talking to Emilio, turn right and head as the crow flies to the quest marker. It will lead to Orion Tower. Head into the elevator and go up.

Once on the floor, use your digipick to hack your way through the door on your left. Once in, head to the computer on the desk and access the files. Open the personnel files. Inside you’ll see files for Kelton and Emilio. You’ll be able to have a look through at their recommendations and disciplinary issues. In Emilio’s you will see a report from Kelton, explaining the hatred he has. In order to progress the quest you will need to click the ‘Purge All Files’ button in Emilio’s file.

You can purge all of Kelton’s files too but there is no reason to do so.

Return to Emilio

After purging the files, continue the Out on a Limb quest by heading out of the apartments and back down the elevator. Once out, head back to the tree where you left Emilio. He will be pleased at your actions and give you the data to take back to Kelton.

Return the Data

Head back to Kelton and give him the data you got from Emilio. He will be appreciative of your assistance and it will be out on a limb quest complete.

You’ll be rewarded with 100xp and 2500 credits.


I’ve agreed to help Kelton Frush by talking to his co-worker, Emilio, about getting some additional data on trees in New Atlantis

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