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In Bethesda’s newest title, Starfield, you’ll be traveling the stars, exploring unknown frontiers, and meeting a whole host of people. Many of these people may need your help. It’s not an RPG without a whole host of people who need a favour from you. This side quest activity is called Tapping the Grid.

Louisa’s co-worker hasn’t turned up and trying to investigate the brownouts in New Atlantis is a tough job for one person. Will you help her?


Alternating Currents
Video Shows The Tapping The Grid Quest Activity


Unlock the Tapping the Grid quest activity by traveling to The Well in New Atlantis. You’ll find Louisa trying to look inconspicuous. She mistakes you for her missing co-worker and tells you that they were investigating the brownouts. Offer to assist her to pick up the Tapping the Grid quest.

Louisa in Tapping the Grid quest


She’ll ask you to run around the station and press some buttons in some boxes. The first is near the UC Surplus. Turn left from Louisa, heading past the medical establishment on your right and down the tunnel. Once through keep heading forward but veer left and avoid the stairs.

Louisa will talk to you through comms when you are close. Go to the panel on the wall and interact once to open it up and once more to activate it. She’ll give you the location of the second panel once you are done.


If you follow the quest marker directly you may end up somewhere you shouldn’t so follow it as the crow flies until you hit some stairs to a guarded door. At those, turn right and take the stairs in the alley next to the door. Take a left and if the door is closed in front of you, flip a switch on the pillar to open it.

Louisa will tell you that this area isn’t used as much so the panel may be harder to find. It’s not. You’ll see some shutters in front of you that have a button next to it. Press the button to open the shutters and find the box inside. Interact twice and you’ll get the next location.

Halfway to tapping the grid.


The quickest way to box 3 is to turn back, look on your right for some broken railing and jump over to get back to street level. Jake’s should be pretty much in front of you. Run past it and you’ll find the next box at the end of the hall.


For the next box perform a 180 and head up the stairs in front of you. Go through the red doors and follow the path left. Take a right past the scary men with guns and up some more stairs. Once up the stairs take a left up a few more and head through a doorway on your right.

Louisa will start to talk to you again. There will be 4 boxes on your right and some shutters. Apparently, there is a certain order you need to interact with the boxes but Louisa is not helpful and cannot remember the order.

Luckily, you have me. Looking directly at them, activate all but the second from the left. That should open the shutters. Press the button on the panel that has been revealed and its job done.

Report to Louisa IN TAPPING THE GRID

Louisa will be grateful for your help and ask you to come back to her. The quickest way back to her is to take a left out of the room, another left, then jump over the railing on your right at the end of the hall. It may hurt you a little but you’ll be fine.

Trace your steps back through the tunnel you headed through for the first box but she won’t be on the corner this time. Head through a doorway on your left just past where you met her and head up the stairs. You’ll find her at her station.

She says with your help she has found out where the power drain is coming from and it’s the trade authority. She would be grateful if you tagged along and if you talk to her again, you’ll trigger the next quest Alternating Currents.


With Tapping the Grid Quest complete you’ll gain 75xp and 2500 Credits.


I’ve agreed to help Louisa Reyez track a power drain in the Well in New Atlantis. I need to locate a series of power junction boxes and turn them off.

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