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Alternating Currents is a side quest activity available within Starfield. It requires us to speak with Louisa. Here we will be searching for boxes and encountering Zoe.

After completing the quest activity Tapping the Grid you will find that the power drain is in The Trade Authority. Louisa will be off to deal with it.


Tapping the Grid
Alternating Currents Quest Gameplay


After completing Tapping the Grid quest activity, catch up to Louisa and talk to her again. She’s a bit afraid of going to deal with this herself and asks you to come. Agree to unlock the Alternating Currents quest.

After that follow Louisa to the Trade Authority.


Once you are in, Louisa will talk to the woman at the desk, Zoe, who may panic slightly when Louisa says she has evidence of the drain’s location. Zoe will leave and you’ll need to talk to Louisa again. She’ll tell you to be ready for anything, including a fight.

Zoe will return and claim that someone else has been draining power through this location but not the trade authority. She’ll turn to you to talk now and ask that you investigate another box, just like you did for Tapping the Grid.


The first box is pretty far away. Exit the Trade Authority, head left and take the first left. You will have travelled up some stairs, keep going forward and head down some. Take a right at the bottom and then a left. Go up the stairs and follow the path up another flight of stairs. Head through the door in the room on the left and follow the path around. When you get to a door, turn a sharp right and you should see some broken path. Jump over the gap to get to the panel box.

Interact with the box and the duel voices of Louisa and Zoe will give you the location to the next box.


Annoyingly there will be some arguments over where the next box is. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to go for one or the other. For the closest one, retrace your steps until you get to the last door you went through. Look to your left to find the box.

Interact with it and they will give you the next location for this Alternating Currents quest.

To The Surface

The next box is on the surface. The quickest way to the elevator is to head back and jump off the railing to your left onto a pipe and jump off the pipe to avoid fall damage. Head up the stairs behind you and turn left. Following that path then dropping down through a doorway and head right. Go up the stairs and into the lift.


Once on the surface, Zoe will tell you that Louisa is away right now and make an offer for the information you are about to collect. Meanwhile head left out of the elevator and get on the train for the residential district.

Meeting Zoe in the Alternating Currents quest

Once there you can follow the quest marker pretty much as the crow flies to a box outside of an apartment building. Interact with it and the two will talk about power issues in the apartment, head on inside and take the lift.

The Messy Apartment

Once up there you’ll need to use your Digpicks to get through the door. Inside will be a very messy apartment. There’s plenty to look around at and read but the information you are after for this quest is specifically on the computer next to the large TV. You will find an email showing that this is the source of the drain.

Head back underground and choose who to give this evidence too.


There isn’t too much change in the ending on who you gave it to and it is currently unclear if this quest will have any further consequences.

If you give it to Zoe, Luisa will feel betrayed but she will tell you that The Trade Authority will remember this favour. If you give it to Louisa not much will happen other than her being grateful that you didn’t take Zoe’s offer. If anyone finds out the consequences of this decision further down the line please let me know in the comments.  

Regardless of who you gave it to Alternating Currents will gain you 75 XP and 2500 credits.


I’ve agreed to help Louisa Reyez confront the Trade Authority in the Well in New Atlantis. I need to make sure she stays safe.


Regardless of who you decide to give the information to you can still purchase goods from Zoe. She has a wide range of weapons, materials and digipicks.

Zoe will also be happy to give you additional cargo missions. You can now work for the Trade Authority

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