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The Distilling Confidence Starfield quest activity relates to a cargo courier that has been caught in illegal affairs. We will be tasked with locating this cargo and delivering the goods.

Nyssa at the viewport bar has an idea for a new drink but is having some trouble with the ingredients. It looks like there were some complications with the shipping company. There may be a free drink in it for you if you help out.

Video of the Distilling Confidence Quest Activity

Unlocking The Distilling Confidence Quest ACTIVITY

To begin the Distilling Confidence quest activity proceed and talk to Nyssa in the Viewport Bar in New Atlantis. It is over at the Spaceport. If you have taken the United Colonies Native background you can get a free drink from her. Ask her about the business and she’ll tell you about the new drink idea she has and the problems she’s facing.

The couriers she used to get one of the ingredients were dabbling in more illegal cargo and got arrested for it. This caused her legally bound items to be taken to impound. She’s filled all the paperwork she could but it doesn’t help. Offer to help to her and not only will she be thrilled, you will also receive the quest, Distilling Confidence.

She stresses that this is a small mission, that you should not go in guns blazing as it is a very silly reason to get in to trouble for. Ultimately, she doesn’t think that taking the hostile approach is worth it. Luckily, there are two ways to get through this without shooting a single bullet.

Nyssa the client for the Distilling Confidence quest

To The Storage Area

First, you’ll need to go to the Storage area where the cargo is being held. We can do this by leaving the Viewport Bar and turning right. You can follow the wall down the stairs and around to what seems like a dead end. There will be benches, a bit of greenery and a fence. Between the wall and the edge of the fence there is a small gap. You can jump over that small gap and drop down from there.

After that, your quest marker is in a straight line across the landing zone. If you try to get in on your own, you’ll find it locked here are a couple of ways to get inside.


Outside of your destination, storage A, there will be a man called Emin. He won’t let you in. Time to ‘distil’ some confidence into him by trying to persuade him to open the door. Using Starfield’s unique conversation mechanics you’ll need to gain 4 points to gain access.

Obviously depending on your characters skills depends on what options you need to choose. However you have 3 turns to gain 4 points, you can play it pretty safe most of the way through and still get where you need to be.

Once you have convinced him Emin will open the door to the storage area for you.

Hack the Computer

The Distilling Confidence quest has a second option to getting inside the storage room, this requires us to hack the computer next to the door. You will need to use your Gigipick. The difficulty level for this hack is rather low so you should be able to get it open no problem. If anything this way is easier and much less likely to fail than trying to persuade Emin.

Grab and Go

The cargo is directly ahead of you. Head into Storage A and open the yellow lidded cargo container. Inside you will find Nyssa’s package. There will be a second item in there but it does not seem to be a consistent item. In one playthrough there were credits and another there was isotopic coolant. This indicates that the second item may be random. No matter what means you got in with, the game does not count this as stealing. You are free to take it and walk out without repercussions.

Turn back around and head back to the Viewport bar. Sadly, you’ll have to go back the long way as there are no shortcuts.


Return to Nyssa, who will be happy that you have managed to complete her quest. Our rewards for doing so will be 75 Xp, 2500 credits and a supernova drink. The Supernova drink boosts your persuasion, O2 and O2 recovery for 5 minutes. She will also promise the odd free drink whenever you should pass by.

Distilling Confidence Quest complete.  


Nyssa Marcano has asked me to help acquire some cargo from off-world. It’s being held in storage at the spaceport. I’ll need to figure out a way to retrieve it.

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